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Why Alchemllery:

 Alchemllery: the amalgamation of Alchemy and Jewellery


Everyone defines 'alchemy' differently.

Alchemy is a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition practised throughout the world. 

"It aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects."

I see alchemy as a body- spiritual life philosophy. I believe we human and the world is made out of atoms.

If the historical aims of alchemy were chrysopoeia, which is to transform "base metals" like lead, into "noble metals" particularly gold; 

my aim of alchemy would be to collect the atoms of everyday experiences, including expressing myself through jewellery making. Through making, we slow down to encounter each other, we meet, we love, we share, and we express. 

May these precious treasures to be guild into perfectly imperfect souls; 

a sensual bold, a soft sharp, a heavy curve, bacon and avocado.



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